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SCI uses non-formal education to promote a culture of peace and non-violence. Our members hold workshops in schools, on seminars, meetings, trainings, workcamps and in other contexts and over the year this strong engagement has led to a very interesting and big pool of resources produced and/ or used by people active in SCI.

The Pool of Trainers and Facilitators acknowledged this and decided to collect as much as possible of the resources in one place. This shall make it possible for SCI volunteers, activists and staff members to easily find and access the tools they are looking for for certain workshops as well as share the tools they use or have designed.

If your are planning to hold a workshop, no matter which topic and target group, have a look at our database and find the right tools for you.

Go Visual! Icon Dictionary on Migration

With this electronic publication SCI Poland equips teachers and educators with a set of 51 icons – simplified drawings – that allow to visualise in a few seconds conc

Grapheazy Manual

This is the manual for the Grapheazy tool, created by Mauro Carta on behalf of Service Civil International with the support of the "Pool of Trainers and Facilitators of SCI".

Grapheazy Cards

Grapheazy is a visual facilitation tool, a way to encourage people to actively take part in a group discussion, a creative method to establish links between topics and to get an overview, an instru

Toolkit PS:GoodIntentions

information and tools for the preparation of volunteers going form the so-called Global North to a volunteering exchange in the so-called Global South

Jeux Formation SCI-Belgium

C'est un ensemble d'outils (jeux coopératifs et dynamiques de groupe) qui peuvent etre utilisées pour animer des formations sur l'éducation au développement et les relations Interculturelles.

Peace Resource Pack

The Peace Resource Pack is developed for camp coordinators and SCI activists that are going to workcamps and are willing to hold workshops on peace.


Forum and Image Theatre Manual

This publication was developed as a result of “Act for What You Believe” project implemented by A.R.T.


Global Education Manual

This publication was developed as a result of “You Are Part of This World! Be Part of Its Future!” project implemented by A.R.T.

Volunteer with SCI - 90 years campaign report

Volunteer with SCI - 90 years campaign report

SCI 90 years campaign brochure

SCI report of the 2010 90 years campaign