The Pool of Trainers and Facilitators

Who are we?

The SCI Pool of Trainers and Facilitators is a group of 12 experienced trainers nominated by the International Executive Committee of SCI to perform a 3-year mandate in building the capacity of SCI and raising its training quality. We come from different countries and we have rich experience and expertise on various topics. In spite of our differences, what we have in common is that we are all inspired by SCI principles.

Our Pool was created in response to the growing demand within the movement to constitute such body and to the increasing development in terms of shared knowledge, tools and methods in SCI in the field of non-formal education.

What can we offer?

Our general aim is to offer a contribution with the design, coordination and implementation of educational projects, such as seminars, training courses, events, projects in the framework of EU and other institutional programmes, at the global, European, national and local level. As each of us has specific knowledge and skills, we can offer advise and support on many different topics, so check out our profiles to know more!

To whom?

To SCI branches, partner organizations, the International Secretariat, SCI working groups.


It is a firm belief shared by all the members of the Pool that by increasing the quality of SCI activities, volunteers and participants will be even more willing to commit further, for their branch, for their communities and for their personal development. Furthermore, the Pool can work as an international educational group, thus strengthening coherence within the movement.

How can you contact us?

If you wish to communicate with the whole Pool, you can send an email to Furthermore, by clicking on a trainer's name on the list you can have access to the trainer's profile, where you can find a lot of information and her/his mail. We are looking forward to hearing from you!