„Los Otros“: How to prepare young people to deal with their own stereotypes

From October 30th to November 5th a group of 25 volunteers and staff members of SCI branches and partner organisations met in Madrid, Spain. As a follow-up of the seminar colled “Picturing the Global South: The Power behind Good Intentions”, the TP had implemented the year before together with SCI Austria, this seminar aimed at:

Going deeper into the reflection started in 2015

Discussing stereotypes about the “Global South”

Discussing stereotypes about the “Global South” in the “Global North"

A Welcome and a Thank You

The SCI Pool of Trainers and Facilitators is very happy to welcome the new members of the team!

Lasantha Pethiyagoda from Sri Lanka/ Australia, who has taught in many institutions of higher education around the world and recently co-lead a workshop on hate speech with SCI Sri Lanka.

Call for new SCI TP members

After almost 3 years in operation, the SCI Pool of Trainers and Facilitators is now in the position to invite interested trainers to apply for a 3-year term (1 July 2016 - 30 June 2019). There are 6 vacancies available, and the Pool will be composed by 12 members in total. The deadline for applications is 1st May 2016.

Note that as TP is an internal SCI body, only trainers and facilitators who are members of SCI branches and groups are eligible to apply. There is no age limit

Picturing the Global South: The Power behind Good Intentions

SCI Austria and the Pool of Trainers and Facilitators (TP) will host the seminar in Vienna, Austria, between November 14 and 21, 2015. The topic of the seminar will be the sharing and reflecting of how European volunteering organisations select and prepare their volunteers, when sending them to the Global South for short-term and long-term exchanges. The seminar will consist of six working days, in which methods, knowledge, approaches and ideas will be shared and the overall concept of a North South exchange will be reflected on.  We wish to give the space to exchange.

New TP trainers selected!

We are excited to announce the new members of our Pool of Trainers team!

In July 2015, after a thorough examination of all candidates, the International Executive Committee of SCI, based also on recommendations from the current TP team, decided to invite the following 5 trainers to join.

3 vacancies in SCI Pool of Trainers – call for applicants

 SCI is very active in the field of non-formal education and Branches and SCI International organize numerous related events every year, such as seminars or trainings. Not all the branches, however, manage to organize such activities without external support because of lack of organisational capacity or specific skills. To address existing needs, in 2013, following a Plan of Action approved at the ICM, the IEC established the SCI Pool of Trainers and Facilitators (TP).

Training of Trainers “Change is a chance! Upgrade your skills and help Europe(ans) grow”

The international Secretariat of Service Civil International together with The Pool of Trainers and Facilitators are proud to announce a brand new training opportunity taking place in Antwerp, Belgium, from May 31st to 7th June 2015, open to participants from 13 European partners: SCI Austria, VIA Belgium, CVS Bulgaria, SCI Catalunya, VCZ Croatia, KVT Finland, SCI France, IVS Great Britain, Utilapu Hungary, VSI Ireland, SCI Italy, OWA Poland and Zavod Voluntariat Slovenia.

TP evening workshop at ICM 2014

Electronic communication makes life much easier nowadays, nevertheless, a face-to-face meeting will always have an advantage over any webpage info or email correspondence. Therefore, the Pool of Trainers offered such opportunity during the last SCI International Committee Meeting in Serbia.

SCI Tool Fair 2014

The Pool of Trainers and Facilitators together with SCI Austria organised from 6 to 9 November 2014 the first edition of the SCI Tool Fair. The project (called officially "NFE at the mirror") was financed by the Austrian National Agency of the Erasmus Plus Programme, whose grant allowed to bring participants from 9 different nationalities in Vienna. The additional grant provided by the SCI Jucker Mauderli Fund covered the costs for two additional Asian participants from Hong Kong and Malaysia.