Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to approach the TP?

You can contact us through, or individually through the email addresses provided in the database. Please provide us with as much information about the project as possible – fill in the template provided here. Ideally contact us as early as possible before the project.

2. How to select a trainer?

A profile of the trainers is available here: You can voice a preference and the TP will provide you a selection of available trainers/ facilitators within 7 days of the first contact.

3. What does it cost?

We devote a lot of our private time to the voluntary work for the enhancement of training quality within SCI, and our plans for 2016 include several initiatives which will be developed by us on a voluntary basis. However, we do not have the capacity to lead all SCI training activities for free, as every event consumes several days of preparation, then working on the spot and last but not least the follow-up activites. Therefore the organizers of events (meetings, seminars, trainings, etc.) have to offer the TP a fee for the work of the trainer/ facilitator. The amount is to be discussed further with the assigned trainer/ facilitator. The payment has to be received by the trainer/ facilitator within three months after the event. Food and accommodation during the preparation process on the location have to be covered by the hosting branch or partner, as well as 100% of the travel costs.

For more details on the requirements see: Requirements

4. What support is offered?

Training and Facilitation

Project writing

Expertise and Experience – see the topics in the trainer profiles

Supporting or educating local Trainers and Facilitators, Volunteers and Staff

5. What kind of events do we support?

International and national Trainings, Seminars and Study Sessions

National and international Meetings (Board meetings, National Assembly, Team building etc.)

6. How do you join the TP?

Once a year based on the amount of vacancies in the TP (depending on how many members finish their terms and how many trainers and facilitators the TP should consist of to answer SCI’s needs) the International Secretariat of SCI ( will publish a call for new TP members. You can apply on these occasions. The decision of who will be part of the TP is taken by the International Executive Committee (IEC) of SCI. A term lasts for 3 years and you can be a member for up to two terms.